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If you’ve tried to buy kratom online, you may have felt confused by the number of available strains. Red Borneo, Green Bali, Maeng Da — what’s the difference between each type? And how can you choose the best kratom strains for your needs?

Whatever your reasons for taking kratom, it’s essential to understand the characteristics of each strain. It will make it much easier for you to find one that provides the effects you’re after, whether you’re hoping for pain relief, euphoria, or relaxation.

We’ve put together a handy guide to the best kratom strains and the top vendors to use, so you can have the confidence to buy the product you need.

Comparing Different Strain Color Effects

There are more than 50 different strains of kratom. These derive from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, a plant that’s native to Southeast Asia and related to the coffee plant.

The numerous strains break down into three general categories: red, white, and green.

These categories refer to the colors of the veins that run through the plant’s leaves. The strains usually differ according to color and region. For example, Red Borneo kratom originates from Borneo and comes from a red vein variety of kratom.

When looking for the best kratom strains, it’s important to remember that each color has its own set of effects. LA Weekly reports that different strains contain varying concentrations of alkaloids, which are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants and are responsible for each strain’s effects.

Here are the different effects of the best kratom strains based on leaf color.

Different Effects of Kratom Strains & Colors

Different-Effects-of-Kratom-Strains-Colors.jpg IMAGE

Within these three color categories, different strains will have varying effects, according to Some are more potent than others, meaning they contain higher concentrations of alkaloids.

Red Vein Strains

Red veinstrains generally induce calming effects. In low doses, they can make you feel relaxed and happy. In high doses, they have a sedative effect. As a result, many people think these are the best kratom strains to take for powerful pain relief or ease insomnia.

Not every red vein strain will make you sedated, however. It’s possible to achieve euphoria by taking red kratom, as long as you choose your strain and monitor your dosage carefully.

White Vein Strains

White veinstrains are commonly more stimulating than red. Indeed, some people compare the boost you can get from white kratom to the effects you might …….



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